Walk Through and Assess Your Completed Space

Walk Through and Assess Your Completed Space

Make sure your hotel renovation is completed to your satisfaction

After weeks of planning and waiting while the work is done, your Sunrise, FL renovation is finally complete. The professionals at Hotel Renovation Experts will make finishing touches and show you the final product before you sign the paperwork and move back into your newly renovated hotel.

Contact us at 1-866-754-6835 or (1-866-75-HOTEL) to find out more about the closeout process.

How our closeout process works

After all the work is done and the construction debris is swept away, we close out every project by soliciting your feedback about our completed work before you sign off on the job. This process involves:

  • Completing finishing touches and cleaning out your space
  • Guiding you on a walkthrough of your project
  • Making sure you are pleased with our work
  • Signing the final paperwork and closing out project
You can rely on Hotel Renovation Experts to complete a successful hotel renovation project.