Get the “OK” to Start Your Renovation

Get the “OK” to Start Your Renovation

We’ll obtain the proper permitting and inspections for your hotel renovation

Your renovation project is almost ready to begin. The materials have arrived and the labor has been hired, but you’re missing one thing – the permits. If you’re adding a new wing to your hotel or rewiring the suites, you’ll need permits to begin the work. Hotel Renovation Experts will acquire all the necessary permits, conduct inspections and makes sure your project meets state and municipal requirements.

You can reach us at 1-866-754-6835 or (1-866-75-HOTEL) to find out which permits will be required for your project.

Changes that require permits

Not all renovation projects will require permits, but the ones that do cannot be completed until the projects are approved and the permits are obtained. Here are a few of the types of projects that would require permits:

  • Installing or replacing plumbing and electrical work
  • Replacing small windows with larger ones, or installing skylights
  • Making structural changes to load-bearing walls, decks or roofs
  • Building a fence taller than a designated height
Work with Hotel Renovation Experts to acquire the permits and inspections needed for the completion of your project.